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Symbol Expiration Strike Stock Last Bid Ask Div Days Break-Even Call Above
Stock %
Return If
Unchanged %
Return If
Called %
Annualized If
Unchanged %
Annualized If
Called %
Return If Expires Unchanged At least % of stock price.
Annualized Return If Expires Unchanged At least % of stock price annualized.
Return if Called At least % of stock price.
Annualized Return If Called At least % of stock price annualized.
Call Strike Price At least % above current stock price.
Max Time Frame Expiring in month(s) or less.
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Data Source
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Choose to calculate on Bid, Ask, Last or Bid/Ask Split: the value between bid and ask, best estimate of premium you could collect.


Dividends until Expiration. Considered part of the return if you are holding the stock and writing covered calls.

Break-Even $

Stock price minus the option premium paid to you.

Call Above Stock %

How far the call strike is from the current stock price. The higher the number, the least likely your stocks will get called away.

Return If Unchanged %

If the stock price did not move, this would be your return. Can also be considered your downside protection.

Return If Called %

Premium plus stock appreciation over current stock price. Your absolute return if the call got called away.

Annualized If Unchanged %

If the call expires and the stock does not move, this would be your return annualized.

Annualized If Called %

Return If Called on an annualized basis. Be careful on this one: if your Call Above Stock is high and it is set to expire soon, this number will be unrealistically high. Meaning the chances of this occurring might be low. Consider using Annualized If Unchanged as a safer assumption.

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